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Call for Papers – Qualitative and Ethnographic Research (QER): Sharing and shaping pedagogies – learning through doing.

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Call for Papers

Qualitative and Ethnographic Research (QER): Sharing and shaping pedagogies – learning through doing. May 10th 2013, Department of Drama, University of Exeter, UK.

We invite your proposals for papers, presentations, and other forms of dissemination for the HEA funded workshop, QER: Sharing and shaping pedagogies on May 10th 2013.

This event aims to stimulate dialogue and debate regarding the ways in which digital media is shaping qualitative and ethnographic research projects. The event is interested in how scholars from diverse disciplinary backgrounds are using digital technologies to capture, analyse and disseminate data.

Following the turn in the humanities towards narrativity and performativity, a significant number of academics have begun working with qualitative and ethnographic research methodologies. For those academics without a background in sociology, qualitative and ethnographic research methodologies are often self-taught and acquired, by trial and error, through doing – being out ‘in the field’ with research participants and students, or through a reflexive cycle such as Participatory Action Research (PAR).  As a result, practices and pedagogies are emerging which challenge and compliment the more traditional, sociological focused, approaches to qualitative and ethnographic research. At the same time, sociologists who specialise in qualitative and ethnographic research are calling for new and alternate ways to present research data, to disseminate findings and to engage with academic and non-academic audiences.

This event will bring emergent and established scholars of qualitative and ethnographic research together to open up a dialogue about methodologies and dissemination. It will provide a space where pedagogies can be shared and shaped in a multi-institutional and multi-disciplinary manner. Drawing on multi-disciplinary expertise, including but not limited to, performance ethnographers, linguists, sociologists, educators, and digital scholars, the event will enable participants to practically explore the various ways in which qualitative and ethnographic research is being conducted. The event will enable new and emerging scholars to question how we learn and shape pedagogies through practice.

The workshop is particularly interested in exploring the ways in which research data is collected, analysed and disseminated. With advancements in digital media and digital technologies, how do researchers balance innovation and possibility with ethical and methodological concerns? What have those of us who are engaged in qualitative and ethnographic research learnt from doing? We are seeking papers or alternative presentations of 20 minutes which address notions of pedagogy in qualitative and ethnographic research.


Possible themes include but are not limited to:

  • Multidisciplinary approaches to QER projects
  • Creative Analytical Practices
  • Participatory Action Research
  • The balance between ethics, methodology and creative forms of data capture and dissemination
  • What has been learnt from doing
  • The role of performance within QER projects
  • The value of mistakes and the lessons learnt from the unexpected
  • The challenges, joys, and frustrations of engaging in multi, or cross-disciplinary QER projects
  • Methods for the dissemination of findings to the participants of the study.
  • The impact of dissemination

250 word proposals, with a brief bio about the author, should be sent to q_e_r_n@yahoo.com by 4th February 2013. Successful applicants will be notified by March 4th. Registration for the event is free and refreshments will be provided.

(QER): Sharing and shaping pedagogies – learning through doing is a Higher Education Academy funded event hosted by the Department of Drama, University of Exeter.



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